Generate your PDFs using our modern GraphQL API

Perfect for generating your PDF invoices, reports, contracts. Integrates nicely in your stack, thanks to the nature of the provided GraphQL API.

Developers will love it.

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Bring your data

Want to generate a PDF directly from your data layer? That's exactly what GraPDF excels at. Use the provided GraphQL API and get the corresponding PDF back.

Unlike other services, we don't need a HTML page or any other presentation layer to 'photograph' it. Send your data over, structure it as you need, and we generate your PDF.

Use Anywhere

Doing Frontend work? Backend Work? PHP, Java, Go, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, WebAssembly or something else? No matter what, if you can send a HTTP request you can use GraPDF to generate your next PDF.

Although we use GraphQL as the API layer, you don't need a full fledged GraphQL client. If you already use one, that's fine too.

Components Over Templates

Instead of defining some rigid templates and hoping, they're right for your use case, GraPDF comes with a set of reusable and adjustable components. Almost the way some famous Frontend Frameworks do it.

Also, thanks to the awesome GraphQL tooling, our API is explorable and understandable.

GraPDF - The API for PDFs - See a demo

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